Consciousness Room

Welcome to the Consciousness Room.

Having worked with sound as a musician for over 30 years and in sound healing and energy medicine for over a decade, Sharon has experienced the expansion of consciousness that sound can trigger.

Expansion of consciousness is usually gradual and cumulative, however, it can create observable physical symptoms. Perhaps even chaos at times. Few are aware of this, and most people are quite surprised when they learn of this.

And it has caught the interest of the medical community where research is underway, including at least one major medical study dedicated to gathering information on such symptoms and how to manage them.

In this room, we explore together the expansion of consciousness and in particular, how to understand and manage the changes this expansion creates.


Balance, Tree Pose, Harmony and Voice

I have been contemplating about these four things lately and wanted to share some thoughts with you…

tree poseFirst, some thoughts Balance and Tree pose from my book, “Listen from the Inside Out”:

“Speaking about balance, let me share with you about my adventures with the tree pose in my yoga class.

I have snapped ligaments in both my ankles in previous falls. Around each ankle, I have only one ligament left of the three that are supposed to give you stability. At least it gives me a valid excuse for those moments of klutziness.

I love my yoga class, but I am seriously challenged by the balance poses (like Tree Pose) where you have to stand on one leg and make the rest of your body look something like a pretzel.

However, I have learned some interesting things about balance.

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