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Bad Mood? Try a Sigh!

All day long we do a dance of energy between positive and negative thoughts and feelings. How do you rescue your day if you have just spent the last hour listening to someone complain and have ended up in a foul mood? Here are some quick and easy answers. And they work!

We all handle negative thoughts or energy in our own ways. Sometimes we stuff it into our body, creating a headache, a stomachache or high blood pressure. There are some quick, easy ways to turn negative into positive. One way is to allow your mind to hitch a ride on a slow, deep breath down to your navel and back. On the next slow in-breath, place your tongue on the roof of your mouth while you breathe in through your nose and then relax your tongue and breathe out through your mouth. Do this a few more times and you may notice you have slowed down your heartbeat, maybe even lowered your blood pressure and distracted your mind. You can do this anywhere, anytime. Your breath is always with you.

One of the most powerful ways to turn negative to positive is to use sound. When that bad mood creeps up on you, try a sigh. Breathe out some big ones with your mouth open as the air leaves your body. We all sigh naturally when we are upset. It’s our body’s natural way of releasing negative energy. Next, make a sound with your sigh as the air leaves your mouth. Most of us intuitively make sounds when we are angry, upset or frustrated. The difference here is that you combine sounds with the conscious intent to move the emotion out of the body on your breath. Do this until you feel better, then change the sound with the next out-breath to an aaah. You know, the sound that goes with “aaah, isn’t that cute.” Aaah is a sound directly from the heart. When you use it with the intent to shift yourself out of a bad mood, you will.

Now you know some quick and easy ways to shift out of a bad mood. It’s really about choice. When you become aware of choice, you become aware of intention. The secret is your intention.