Music Room

Welcome to the Music Room.

We will discuss and experience how recorded music in the healing genre works.

Find out about:

  • psychoacoustic music
  • brainwave entrainment music
  • guided meditations
  • guided imagery with music
  • and subliminal affirmations with music.


Bach, Beauty and Brilliance

Bach, Beauty and Brilliance: Human Ingenuity never ceases to amaze!

Put together a group of engineers, Bach’s beautiful “Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring,” and a pile of wood and the result is a musical and creative marvel.

I have played this piece many times; it is one of my favorites. But I never imagined how beautiful it would sound, played by a little wooden ball in the woods.

Watch for yourself one of the most unusual and touching performances of this music I have ever heard – and seen.

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