Is Stress a Problem in Your Life?

This quiz should take not more than 5 minutes to complete. All questions are Multiple Choice making the quiz very easy to complete.

It is best to respond with the first answer that comes to mind. Over-thinking tends to skew the results.

Before you begin . . .

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Listed below are a series of statements.

For each one, indicate how closely you relate to the statement from not at all to very much.

I can’t disconnect from the office. Between the laptop and the cellphone, it seems I’m always at work.
I am overwhelmed with the amount of work I have to do in a day.
I do the jobs myself to ensure they are done properly.
I have too many thoughts in my head and my mind feels like it's racing.
I lay awake at night because I’m thinking of things I need to get done.
I frequently have guilty feelings if I relax and do nothing
I get upset if the car or traffic in front of me seems to be going too slowly.
I really don’t like having to wait in a queue. I’ll leave if it’s too long.
I catch colds or the flu easily.
My sex drive is lower than it used to be.
I find I have a greater dependency on alcohol, caffeine, nicotine or drugs.
I find myself worrying about the future.
I eat too much, or I eat unhealthy foods.
I will skip a meal because I’m too busy to eat.
I find that I don’t have time for many interests / hobbies outside of work.
Listed below are some of the more common stressors in peoples lives. Check any that have been a concern to you over the past few weeks.
Check all that apply.

Listed below are some of the more common emotions and feelings that people have. And some typical discomforts as well. Think back over the past few weeks. Check off any that have surfaced frequently.
Check all that apply.

Based on the past 5 years, do you feel the level of stress in your life has: