Toning Room

Welcome to the Toning Room. Here we explore all things vocal.

Your own voice is one of the most powerful healing tools you have as it restores your body’s natural vibratory pattern.

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Are you ready to take it up a notch?

I am so excited about the growing number of people who are participating in the Toning Moments on the Sound Wellness Solution Facebook page!!!! Wow!!!

The ChakrasFor those unfamiliar with toning - The toning moments cycle through the chakras each day to balance and strengthen them. I like to call the chakras “buttons” that hold the physical body and spiritual bodies together. Balancing the chakras supports your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.

Your own voice is your most powerful and perfect tool for balancing your chakras.


Because your voice is created inside of you and resonates every cell of your body with every sound that you make.

Sound travels THROUGH you. Especially the sound of your own voice.

Your voice carries every frequency of your body. You have it with you all the time and it costs you nothing to use.

And the best part - it creates an INSTANT response in your body, mind, emotions and spiritual connection.

Are you ready to take it up a notch?

What is it about the human voice that gives it healing qualities or abilities? It boils down to two things.

One is frequency and the other is intention.

Your entire body is a symphony of many different frequencies. Even individual cells are resonators that respond to sound. The frequency of your liver, for example, is created by the group of cells that form it.

When something in your body goes out of tune, dis-ease or illness settles in. There are many successful ways of treating dis-ease in the body. One thing, though, carries all the frequencies of your body.

That is your own voice.

So, how do you find the frequency, for example, of a tight muscle in your shoulder?

Fire SirenWhen you were a child, did you ever play with making siren sounds with your voice? The lowest sound you can make, the highest sound you can make and all the sounds in between as you slide your sound up and down carry every frequency of your body.

To find the frequency the tight muscle in the shoulder, first, create the
intention that you want to find the sound necessary to bring that muscle back into tune.

Next, make the siren sound up and down. Listen carefully to the sound.

Is there a tone or sound in the siren that seems louder or softer than the others? As you slide your voice up and down, is there a sound that you seem to be drawn to or that you keep returning to?

Allow your intuition and body wisdom to find the sound. Once you have found the frequency or sound, sing it to the tight muscle. You can use a vowel like ahhh or ohhh or any sound that feels appropriate.

Imagine the sound massaging the muscle fibers and relaxing the tension. Combining visualization with sound is extremely effective.

I invite you to explore how the sound of your voice affects your body. Send me an email and let me know how it works for you. Sharing our stories with each other inspires and encourages others.

Are Your Mind and Body in Harmony?

What I want to share with you today is how you can use the sound of your voice to affect your entire physical body.

If you aren’t in front of a mirror, put your finger on your face in-between your eyebrows. Now move your finger about an inch higher. This is the location of the third eye chakra.

Now, from this same place, imagine that your finger could move through your skull about one inch. Your finger would be touching your pituitary gland.

Your pituitary gland is sometimes called a “master gland” because it controls most of the other glands in your body. Like Mission Control in Houston for NASA.

Another interesting thing is that if you imagine moving your finger through your pituitary gland to its root, your finger will be in the hypothalamus of your brain.

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